KMB JET28 - checklist for flow stall effects in model operation (acceleration / free ride)

Eliminate radio and receiver as well as motor and speed controller as possible sources for the effect.

Exhaust nozzle / stator / impeller / bearings

  • Check if the stator is present in the exhaust nozzle, intact and glued-in correctly positioned; exchange if necessary. The stator is significant for performance,
  • Check if an object got stuck inside the sucktion tunnel and/or somewhere between impeller / stator, and remove if necessary.
  • Check the impeller for damages and replace if necessary.
  • a "buzzing", "rasping" sound while driving slow can indicate a damaged ball bearing; replace if necessary.
  • VCheck all bolting motor / coupling and coupling / JET28.
  • see: Topic KMB JET28 - model weights and trimming

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